When I’m old and obsolete (The Future of Media)

When I help my mom figure out her phone, I find myself wondering: What will I have to deal with when I’m older? Will everyone have cyber body modification enhancements? Will I have to figure out which of my friends’ social media posts are advertising to me? Will I regret not studying programming in university…

A Deadly Wandering

A Deadly Wandering by Matt Richter is about a fatal car crash involving texting and driving, and how technology impacts our attention. It is an excellent piece of investigative journalism with many colourful details that bring the characters to life, but for a book that discusses people’s attention capacity it has many missed opportunities. The…

PEGriculture Magazine Launch

With a group of my classmates, I’ve created a magazine called PEGriculture, for people who eat! We aim to grow agriculture awareness across Winnipeg. Have you ever met someone who has hundreds of bees in their backyard? Do you know what a food desert is? Were you taught about agriculture in school? Do you know…

Who Am I

“Who Am I” assignment for Media Pro class about a place & person that made us who we are.

Spotlight on Journalism Obstacles

Besides being a great film, Spotlight is an excellent example of investigative journalism. Nowadays, time is money, so news is churned out as quickly as possible. But, some stories take time or else they’re just speculation.

Visit to Peg Beer Co

CreComms visited Peg Beer Co a couple weeks ago for an upcoming advertising class assignment.

No Film School: DIY Video Resource

Making video can seem intimidating and technologically complex, but No Film School explains how to make professional looking video on a budget.