Today is Canadian Film Day!

Don’t know any good Canadian films? Well we have a whole day dedicated to fixing that! And, since it’s Canada’s 150th anniversary, this year is extra hardcore.

Here are some ways to celebrate Canadian Film Day (April 19) in Winnipeg. Some involve going out, but some can be done while staying in, and all of them are FREE.

Léolo at Cinematheque – 7 PM – FREE

It’s a 1992 coming of age film about a 12-year-old in a quirky French Canadian family.

Angry Inuk at Winnipeg Art Gallery – 12 PM – FREE

A documentary about tech-savvy Inuit people fighting common perceptions of seal hunting. I’ve heard great things about this one and meant to see it when it was playing in the Decolonizing Lens series.

Various Short Films – Urban Shaman Contemporary Aboriginal Art Gallery – 7 PM – FREE

If you’re in the mood for variety, this screening will include about a dozen short films, all by indigenous artists. One of the films is Mia’ (below), a stop animation film about a young woman reconnecting with history. I saw this one a while ago and it’s so pretty and engaging, watch it! It’s also available online through NSI, which I’ll get to in a bit.

Mémère Métisse (My Métis Grandmother) and 3 short films – Canadian Museum for Human Rights – 6 PM – FREE

There is a free tour followed by three short films and then a screening of Mémère Métisse (My Métis Grandmother). This is a documentary about a woman exploring her grandmother’s denial of her Métis roots. The trailer (below) looks super touching and interesting.

How She Moves and The Grand Seduction at The Forks – 5:30 PM and 8 PM respectively – FREE

How She Move is a dance movie focussed on step dancing (and starring Rutina Wesley AKA Tara from True Blood) . The Grand Seduction is about a small fishing community trying to charm a doctor into staying to save the factory (trailer below). It looks hilarious. Love me some Brendan Gleeson.

Remember – Millennium Library – 6 PM – FREE

A man suffering from memory loss tries to take revenge on the Nazis that killed his family.

Various Short Films – – Anytime – FREE

National Screen Institute (NSI) has a variety of Canadian short films available online and has picked out a special batch for Canadian Film Day, including Mia’! Check em out, they’re short.

Now, go forth and watch Canadian films!



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