When I’m old and obsolete (The Future of Media)

When I help my mom figure out her phone, I find myself wondering: What will I have to deal with when I’m older? Will everyone have cyber body modification enhancements? Will I have to figure out which of my friends’ social media posts are advertising to me? Will I regret not studying programming in university when I’m unable to program my house or something? Will news media collapse at the hand of live-streaming?

Then again, decades ago we thought we would have hover cars by now. Maybe the future  of media will just be an exaggeration of everything already happening.

News media will struggle to stay financially afloat and maintain trust.

Ads will become even harder to identify and even more entertaining.

wersm-facebook-likesNetflix addiction rehab will make millions.

People will base their self-worth on likes and shares.

We won’t have to worry about walking into traffic while looking at our phones because our phones will tell us we’re at an intersection.giphy-2

People will continue to crave local, in-person experiences different from their international, online experiences, but for some people the novelty may just wear off.

There won’t be a second of our day when we’re not listening or watching TV, podcasts, posts, etc.

giphy-18School kids will learn more from tablets than teachers.

As virtual reality develops, people will build second lives so vivid they’ll just tap out of their first life.

When the time for all this and more comes, I hope I can keep up. Thanks for reading.



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