Moving Images: Haunted Cinema

This week’s theme for Moving Images was Haunted Cinema. This ranges from skeletons dancing to jump scares. Just caught it today (last day of the theme) because I had a pretty busy week. One of these weeks I’ll get it right and post while the program is still going! Thankfully, I found a few online versions and trailers so you can get a taste.

Anyway, here are some thoughts/pictures/videos on Moving Images’s Haunted Cinema:

1) The Heart of the World (2000) by Guy Maddin 

A woman is torn between two men and must save the earth’s heart! I wouldn’t have thought this film would go in the “Haunted Cinema” category but enjoy it nonetheless. Perhaps it’s more akin to B Horror films. Anyway, the film is fast-paced and epic. Some have theorized this is to contrast the pacing/plots of feature and short films (getting meta up in here). Anyway, it’s surreal, makes me smile, and is shot in Maddin’s signature old cinema style.

2) perhaps/WE (2003) by Solomon Nagler

An experimental dream within a dream film (more meta!) about the spirits of deceased jews in Poland. I’m Jewish but I don’t read or speak Hebrew, so unfortunately the title cards are lost on me. But, I liked the use of colour and flicker effect. Also, the matching of the beginning and end is nice, bringing the dream to a close.

3) HYPER_ (2012) by Freya Björg Olafson

The above trailer isn’t exactly the short film version of HYPER_ short in Moving Images, but gives you an impression of it. The version in Moving Images focuses completely on the skeleton figure and it’s dance moments are followed by an ghostly double a few seconds behind. Based on the description on Olafson’s website the double is made using UV-light. It’s interesting to watch, kind of like two dancers copy-catting each other. Can’t even imagine what the real-life performance version would be like!

4) Rasguño (2006) by Matthew Kennedy & Conor Sweeney 


This film was closest to my interpretation of horror. It was kind of like watching Samantha’s evil-essence video tape from The Ring, with more people blindfolded and bloodied. There were a few jump scares, like abrupt cuts and loud sounds. One of the creepier moments for me was a girl crawling through an attic but sped up to look unnatural. That kind of stuff always creeps me out. I still can’t watch the original Exorcist girl spider crawl down the stair backwards…

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