Visit to Peg Beer Co

CreComms visited Peg Beer Co a couple weeks ago for an upcoming advertising class assignment. Had a great time taking in the atmosphere and learning about their brewing process. They had a sour beer that tasted like sour cherry blasters 😄🍺I dig it.


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  1. jessicaworb says:

    Awesome video Sara!!


    1. sarabulloch says:

      Thanks @jessicaworb 🙂


  2. Some really great tight shots in here. Awesome vid.


    1. sarabulloch says:

      @danielawhelan Thanks!


  3. I love how you captured this fun day! You got really up close and personal with this video, great work.

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  4. codyzaporzan says:

    Good idea to use nat sound, but I wished you used only ambient track. There’s too much crossfading.

    I like how you used the entire audio explanation of the beer. Maybe mix that in with a quieter ambient sound.


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