January 2015

I was sitting on the red couches in the Drake Centre watching TV on my laptop. I thought about the reading I should be catching up on and considered whether I actually want to stay late at school for this. Why would they hold an info session in the evening anyway? I had visited Amber, the exchange coordinator, a couple months before to ask whether it was feasible to do a school exchange and still graduate during my fourth year. I was surprised when she said I was in great position to go and graduate on time.

With all the homework I had, it wasn’t feeling so feasible. I didn’t even have a specific place I wanted to go on exchange. Maybe I was just romanticizing the whole thing. It was going to be expensive, and I could use that money to actually move out. I would miss Alex a lot. What if our relationship couldn’t survive 4 months apart? What if I end up spending a lot of money to get a clichéd travel experience and grow distant from my friends and boyfriend?

With that thought, I packed up my laptop and headed to the bus stop. I bussed home and watch more How I Met Your Mother. I did a little bit of reading to feel somewhat productive, and I went to sleep later than I should have.

Over the next semester, I went through the same procrastination cycle as always. I had movie nights with friends. I hung out with Alex. I was never motivated to change my procrastinating ways, because I got B’s and A’s.

Over the summer, I got a minimum wage job, and tried to work on personal projects, like learning to use my DSLR camera, with little progress.

As fall rolls around, I dread the school year. My one film course was the saving grace. I joined a few event committees. I was relieved when Christmas break came.


Wasn’t that boring? Thankfully, I didn’t go home. I went to the info session and was inspired to do an exchange to Japan. I could tell you about my experiences, but I think pictures will do them more justice (see below). Thanks for reading.

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