A Scream Becomes A Yawn

Hysterical shouting wakes me. It’s coming from outside. Worried, I quickly get up. On the street, a teenager is screaming. He doesn’t look injured. A man is trying to calm him. The teen runs off. The man looks dejected.

“Excuse me.” I say.

He looks up, surprised.

“Do you need help? Like 911 or something?” I ask hesitantly.

“Think we all need help. My son is just taking it hard,” he replies.

“Huh? Taking what—“ Before I finish he’s run off too.

Well, that was weird. I check the time. It’s 8 am.

I stumble to get some cereal. Then I open my laptop. But, the Internet won’t load. I hope my router isn’t broken again. I try opening a downloaded TV episode. The file is gone. On my phone, Instagram has disappeared. I run to my room. My graphic novels are blank, white pages. What the hell?

I stand frozen for a while.


I jump. I peer out the door’s window.

I open the door. My friend stands there, crying. We hug.

“It’s not just me right? This is nuts?” I ask.

“Definitely nuts,” she confirms.

“Want to get some coffee?”


We walk silently to Tim Horton’s. It’s louder than it’s ever been. People are yelling and crying.

“It’s the North Koreans I’m telling you!”

“I should have finished Breaking Bad.”

“What will Trudeau do without social media?”

We sip our coffees, absorbing the madness. Overwhelmed, we eventually head back home. We play scrabble outside. Spelling words we can’t read anywhere else. I look at the cloudless sky. I try not to feel bored.


Note: Title from Metric song “Dream So Real”


Assignment for Red River College Creative Communications Program


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  1. hayleymcdonnellblog says:

    Love the title!


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